Hydrodynamic studies of biomass in a cold model fluidized bed gasifier using MATLAB coding, a mathematical modeling approach

Author(s): Rajesh Tripathy

Effects of different systemparameters on the hydrodynamic behavior of a cold-model fluidized bed gasifier have been studied.Correlations developed for the Equivalence Ratio and Euler’s number on the basis of regression analysis have been validated byusing theMATLABcoding. Comparison of calculated values ofEquivalence ratio and Euler number against the experimentallyobserved values gives the standard deviationsof1.89and10.8respectivelyindicatingavery good approximation.Chi-square (î2) test gives 0.0002 and 18685.04 forEquivalenceRatio andEuler’s number respectivelyimplying the correlation fit to be satisfactory and suitable over a wide range of parameters for the industrial uses.

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