How the Physical-Chemical Study of Cells took a Wrong Direction Some 50 Years ago: The Greatest Scientific Error in Biological Sciences Initiated in 1930

Author(s): Laurent Jaeken

Is a cell a colloid with distribution coefficients and adsorption coefficients as prime physical-chemical parameters allowing a negative-entropy-driven bio-energetic based on coherence, as first proposed by Schrödinger in 1944? or does a cell possess ordinary water with small solutes including K+ in solution, and delineated by a membrane in which ion-pumps are located, which continuously have to oppose passive leaks. The latter view, called ‘membrane-(pump)-theory (MPT) underscores all current physiology and cell biology, but is energetically impossible. MPT was disproved by Ling during the 60s and 70s but unfortunately this remained unknown. Ling developed a complete colloid model for the living cell, with a whole set of experimentally approved new equations. All basic tenets of his so-called ‘association-induction-hypothesis’ (AIH) are experimentally approved. In addition, his AIH is able to explain contemporary new physical data on the coherent behaviour of cells, whereas MPT is incompatible.

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