Heat transfer study of a uraniumbased getter bed for hydrogen storage

Author(s): Rupsha Bhattacharyya,Kalyan Bhanja, SadhanaMohan

Adsorption of hydrogen on ametal getter bed in the formof a reversiblemetal hydride is one of the most compactmethods of storing hydrogen. Heat transfer analysis of a uranium based getter bed for storage of small quantities of hydrogen (upto 5 gm) has been performed in this work. The storage bed has been considered as a batch reactor with an initial charge of hydrogen and uranium. The optimal bed dimensions for a given quantity of hydrogen have been determined. The temperature-time characteristics of the tubular bed in both horizontal and vertical orientation have been evaluated through a simplified analysis. Inside the vessel the main radial heat transfer mode is taken as conduction since the gas inside is stagnant while fromthe outer surface of the vessel heat losses due to natural convection and radiation have been considered.Acombination of dynamic and pseudo-steady state heat transfer analysis has been used in the study to derive suitable linearised expressions for the multi-modal heat loss rate fromthe bed during hydriding.

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