Gugulu Plant of Jambudia Vidi at Saurashtra Region : A Review of the Medicinal Evidences for it’s Remidial Properties

Author(s): Reena P Dave and Rajes S Patel

This paper deals with medicinal properties and traditional uses of guggulu. we present here a review of medicinal evidences and traditional uses of COMMIPHORA WIGHITTI bhandari (Syn. COMMIPHORA MUKUL HOOK). Guggulu is an oleogum resin that exudes spontaneously as a result of injury from the bark of COMMIPHORA MUKUL HOOK. In Ayurveda gugulu enters into the preparation of several compound medicines most of which are named with suffix ‘guggulu’. It is a complex mixture of steroids, aliphatic esters, carbohydrates, amino acids and variety of inorganic compounds. Traditionally it is used to treat arthritis, obesity and other disorders. Guggulu has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. This review(is an effort to compile all the available information reported on its macroscopic features.

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