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Growth Regulatory Effects of IAT Soil Treat on Soybean (Glycine Max Merr.) VAR: TGX 536 02D

Author(s): Y. Ameyaw

The effect of IAT soil treat on germinated seedlings of soybean was observed. The germinated seedlings were treated with the chemical after 14 days using the soil drench method. The chemical in concentrations of 20 ppm and 30 ppm were used, and tap water was used for the control. The results showed that stem height, fresh and dry weights of stem did increase significantly, and not much was noted in the root length. The chemical significantly increased the chlorophyll and total soluble carbohydrate contents while that of the carotenoid was not significant, although the chemically treated plants maintained higher levels than the control. Finally, the 30 ppm treated plants yielded more than the 20 ppm as well as 0 ppm

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