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Groundwater Quality Evalution for Drinking Purpose in Some Areas of Bayad, Sabarkantha District (N. Guj.) India

Author(s): G. D. Acharya, M. R. Solanki and M. V. Hathi

Ground water quality is an essential ingredient for a healthy population. In the present work, study of drinking water samples for 18 water sources wells in the Bayad field has been carried out. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the quality of water from these sources. The physical properties such as pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) showed the range of pH (7.24-7.80) and TDS (744.0-1008.6) mg/L, which is within the permissible limits of World Health Organization (WHO). The measurements of total hardness (TH), SO4 2− , PO4 2− , Cl – Na+ , K+ , Ca2+ and Mg2+ have also been measured.

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