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Ground Water Quality and Effect of Monsoon at Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh (India)

Author(s): D. K. Sinha, Rajneesh Singh and Gaurav Kumar Rastogi

Ten different ground water samples in pre-monsoon and after onset of monsoon were collected during the year 2009 from different India Mark II hand pumps of extensively used different public places at Sultanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Samples were collected and analysed quantitatively for both the periods following standard method and procedures of sampling and estimation. Ground water quality with reference to estimated physico-chemical parameters was found to be poor at almost all the sites of study. The water is alkaline, hard or very hard and full of chemical contaminants. The contaminants are above the recommended drinking water standard. Ground water shows some improvement after onset of monsoon; however, water quality is still very poor. People dependent on this water are prone to health hazards of polluted drinking water and water quality management is the need of hour.

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