Green synthesis and in vitro evaluation of silver nanoparticle embedded antibiofilm coatings

Author(s): Y.V.Nancharaiah, Santanu Bera, V.P.Venugopalan

Biofilmgrowth iswidespread inmedical andindustrial settingswith serious healthand economic consequences. Bacterial growth on surfaces is problematicbecausebacteriawithinbiofilms showenhanced to antimicrobials. Silver-based antimicrobial agents receivedmuch attention due to better efficacyand broadspectrumactivity. Here,we report a novel and straight forward preparation of silver-embedded coatings for antibiofilmapplications.Rosin, a natural exudate from pine trees, enabled reduction of ionic silver (+) to nanoparticulate silver (0) and formation of a silver nanoparticle-embedded composite coating ontomaterial surfaces at ambient conditions. Formation ofAg(0) nanoparticleswas confirmed byUV-Vis spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy and field emission scanning electronmicroscopy. Silver-nanoparticle-embedded coatings prevented adhesion and biofilmformation byGram-positive and -negative bacteria. These coatings could find applications in controlling bacterial colonization in a varietyof settings.

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