Glucose hydrothermal preparation of monodispersed carbon spheres with various particle sizes

Author(s): Xinwei Chen, Zhibo Liu,Zhuangzhuang Shen, Yingwen Duan

Using glucose as starting material, monodispersed carbon nano-spheres with a regular and perfect shape and narrow particle size distribution are synthesized via simple hydrothermal method. Characterizated by XRD, SEM, TEM and FTIR. Experimental results reveal that the as-prepared solid carbon sphere has smooth surface, the particle size and dispersibility can bewell tuned by changing experimental condition of solution concentration, reaction temperature orand time.Adding PEG [poly(ethylene glycol)] into glucose solution can increase the particle sizes and inhibite the particle aggregation. The as-prepared carbon sphere reserves a large number of active groups of glucose on its surface, which made it even contributes to the further application.

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