Glipizide : Some Analytical, Clinical and Therapeutic Vistas

Author(s): Rakesh Pahwa, Preeti Bohra, Prabodh Chander Sharma, Vipin Kumar and Harish Dureja

Glipizide is a second generation sulphonylurea with promising hypoglycemic activity. It acts by stimulating the release of insulin from β-cells of pancreas. Glipizide is absorbed rapidly, uniformly with good mean oral bioavailability. It offers several advantages such as swift and short action, high potency and also does not accumulate in plasma on repeated oral administration. Safety profile and effectiveness of glipizide has been well documented in commendable number of experimental models and clinical studies. It is generally well tolerated and categorized as Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) class II drug due to poor water solubility and good permeability. Various analytical methods have also been reported for determination of glipizide in biological fluids. The present article provides a comprehensive review on various analytical methodologies, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical evaluation, toxicology and therapeutic applications of glipizide.

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