Glassforming region and physicochemical properties of new oxychalcogenide glasses from the As2Se3-SnSe-SnO2 system

Author(s): T.Hristova-Vasileva, L.Aljihmani, T.Nenov, V.Vassilev

New oxychalcogenide glasses from the As2Se3-SnSe-SnO2 system were synthesized from the initial compounds by melt quenching technique. The state of the samples (glassy, crystalline, glass-crystalline) was proven by visual,X-ray diffraction and electronmicroscopic analyses. The glassforming region within this system was outlined. It lies partially on the As2Se3-SnSe (0-50mol%SnSe) andAs2Se3-SnO2 (75-87 and 93-100mol%SnO2) sides of the Gibbs concentration triangle. No glassy phases were obtained on the SnSe-SnO2 side. The phase-transition temperatures (glass-transition, crystallization and melting) of some glassy samples were determined by DTA. The density of the samples was measured by hydrostatic method. Their Vickers microhardness was also determined.Acorrelation between the investigated properties and the composition of the glasses is established.

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