Geopolymer Fly Ash Building Brick by Atmospheric Curing

Author(s): S. D. Muduli, B. D. Nayak and B. K. Mishra

In the current research work effort has been made to develop geopolymer fly ash building brick under atmospheric curing. Geopolymer building bricks are manufactured by using fly ash and alkaline soda based chemical activator solution in presence of sodium silicate and water by maintaining different Na2O/(Al2O3 + SiO2) ratio. During this work 230 × 110 × 75 mm size fly ash building bricks are manufactured under atmospheric curing. After 25 days of atmospheric curing the results shows that the geopolymer fly ash building bricks with Na2O/(Al2O3 + SiO2) ratio of 0.038 attain a crushing strength of 8.5 Mpa, which is approximately equal to the strength achieved by hot air curing at 90o C for 4 hrs.

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