Genotoxic Effect of Food Additives and Food Products: A Review

Author(s): Ruchika Atri, A. Singh, N. Mathur and A. Verma

Our modern food industry’s reliance on processing and additives continues to increase. With advanced technology, this seemingly abundance of foodstuffs found in our supermarkets of today is deceiving our bodies by selling food products that are chemically altered and designed to appeal to us. The genetic toxicology of major food additives and food products used in food market now-a-days has been reviewed. Published data for revealing the genotoxicity of different food additives used in varieties of food products (Canned meat, canned fruits, Ready to eat soups, fruit juices etc.) have been summarized and discussed. Despite the great importance of the issue regarding safety of “Ready to eat food” and canned food, the number of references was surprisingly limited.

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