GC-MS Analysis of Leaf Extracts of Pterospermum Canescens Roxb. (Sterculiaceae)

Author(s): K. P. Jaiganesh and G. Arunachalam

Pterospermum canescens Roxb., is one of the medicinally important plant belonging to the family Sterculiaceae, is commonly known as “Sembolavu” in Tamil. Traditionally the plant is used for the treatment of headache, bronchitis, throat infections, skin diseases, leprosy, inflammation and sores. The present study was planned to identity the number of constituents present in Pterospermum canescens Roxb., leaf by quantitative GC-Ms analysis. The analysis was carried out for the petroleum ether, chloroform and methanol leaf extracts of Pterospermum canescens Roxb., and the results were exhibited the presence of 15, 6 and 20 compounds in the above respective extracts. The major chemical constituents are squalene, phytol, α-sitosterol, vitamin-E and tocopherol.

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