Gas holdup in a gas-liquid up flow bubble column in the presence of double cone promoter

Author(s): A.Thriveni, B.Swathi, K.Sivadhanya, M.S.N.Murty, K.V.Ramesh

Gas holdup datawere computed fromthe measured pressuredropvalues for the case ofgas-liquid upflowbubble column in the presence of a doublecone promoter.The systemchosenwaswater as liquid phase and nitrogen as gaseous phase.Datawere obtained in thepresenceof adoubleconepromoter internalwithvaried cone diameters and pitch values.The rod diameter was chosen as 1 cm. The apex angle of the cone was takenas45degrees.Magnitudesof improvements in gas holdup values were obtained in the presence of doublecone promoterwhencomparedwith emptyconduit. The effectsofgasvelocity, liquidvelocity,pitchand conediameterongasholduphavebeeninvestigated.The gas holdupdatawere correlated in termsofReynoldsno usingregressionanalysis.

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