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Futuristic and potential phase of nanomedicine

Author(s): Ishan Ghai

Nanomedicine characterizes an innovative field, with immense potential for improving and exploring an offshoot of nanotechnology. This refers to a highly precise medical intervention, at the molecular scale, for curing diseases and repairing the damaged tissues. Utilities of nanotechnology in biomedical sciences, implies to the creation of newmaterial and devices, designed to interact with the body, at sub-cellular scales with a higher degree of specificity. This could be thus, potentially translated into targeted cellular and tissue-specific clinical applications, and aimed at maximal therapeutic effectswith relativelyminimal adverse-effects. Nanomedicine, thus offers an impressive resolution for various life threatening diseases. The areas expected to be benefited the most, includes cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, the lungs, blood, neurological particularly the Neuro-degenerative diseases, diabetes, inflammatory/infectious diseases etc. The future products of this new discipline, shall enable engineering of molecularly precise structures, microscopically small, so called agents of change, with the application to medicine via exploiting carefully the structured nanoparticles, includes dendrimers, carbon nanotubes, carbon fibers, quantum dots and vesicular approach, principally aimed to target specific tissues and organs. However, as this technology matures into complex nano-structured devices evolved as nanorobots. Considering revolutionary approach, these shall be able to travel even through the body searching out and clearing up diseases. This manuscript highlighted various novel techniques that could be deployed as multistage drug delivery, designed as nanocarrier, aimed at overcoming numerous biological barriers involved in drug delivery, Thus promises an exciting revolution in health care and medical nano technology, thereby emerging as a huge, on the prospect.

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