Foundations of Chemical Recovery of Metals from Leaching Solutions Through Electrical Action

Author(s): E. S. Oringojin and G. J. Moldabayeva

Significant reservoirs of non-ferrous, rare, radioactive metals and gold are concentrated in Kazakhstan. The territory of Kazakhstan calculates over 2 thousand fields and gold deposits, including about 200 explored, dozens of abandoned and producing ones. Kazakhstan gold-ore deposits had been forming in different geotectonic conditions generating a huge variety of gold-containing formations (goldcobalt- copper, gold- molybdenum-copper, gold-tellurium-bismuthic, gold-silver, gold-arsenic) and wide gold associability with sulphides: pyrites, arsenic pyrite, sulphured copper etc. There are 21 gold deposits are under development with overall reservoirs about 1, 2 thousand tons at average content of 4, 76 g/t.

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