Formulation Studies on Cefaclor Tablets : Effect of Binders

Author(s): S. A. Sunil and V. G. Saheb

Tablets are the most preferable dosage forms for oral use. Cefaclor tablets are not available in the market and no work was reported on cefaclor tablets. The objective of the present study is to develop tablet formulations of cefaclor. Binder is a critical formulation additive in tablets, which has profound influence on tablet qualities and dissolution of the medicament ultimately affecting the bioavailability. The effect of seven commonly used binders on the qualities of cefaclor tablets prepared by wet granulation method was evaluated and results are reported. The efficiency of different binders on the dissolution rate of cefaclor and kinetics of dissolution of cefaclor from formulated tablets was studied.

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