Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation of Buccal Tablets of Piroxicam

Author(s): K. Ananda Reddy and K. Venugopal

Buccoadhesive tablets of piroxicam were prepared by using HPMC K4M and carbopol 934 as mucoadhesive polymers. Ten formulations were developed with varying concentrations of polymers. H1 to H5 formulations were composed of HPMC K4M in ratios of 1 : 1 to 1 : 5 whereas in C1 to C5 formulations carbopol 934 was used in ratios of 1 : 0.25 to 1 : 1.5. The formulations were tested for in vitro drug release, in vitro bioadhesion, moisture absorption, in vitro retention time and in vitro drug permeation through porcine buccal mucosa. Formulation H3 showed maximum release of the drug (97.67 ± 0.41) with the peppas model release profile and permeated 26.52 ± 0.19 of the drug through porcine buccal membrane. H3 formulation showed 12.5 g of mucoadhesive strength. FTIR results showed no evidence of interaction between the drug and polymers. The results indicate that suitable bioadhesive buccal tablets with desired permeability could be prepared.

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