Formulation And Evaluation Of Herbal Gel Containing Sesbania Grandiflora (L.) Poir. Leaf Extract

Author(s): Sumeet Dwivedi and Shailesh Gupta

The present research has been undertaken with the aim to formulate and evaluate the herbal gel containing Sesbania grandiflora leaf extract. The gel formulation was designed by using ethyl acetate extract in varied concentrations and was evaluated using physiological measurements. The gel was prepared by using Carbopol 934, Sodium CMC, Sesbania grandiflora extract, Glycerin, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben and required amount of distilled water. Then skin pH (6.8-7) was maintained by drop wise addition of tri-ethanolamine. The physiochemical parameters of formulations (pH, viscosity, spreadability etc.) were determined. Stability studies were carried out as per ICH guidelines for 3 months at different temperatures and humidity. The results showed that formulation F5 containing 2.5% Sesbania grandiflora extract have better stability than other formulation

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