Formulation And Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin Dispersible Tablets using Plantago Ovata Mucilage in Comparison with other Superdisintegrants

Author(s): P. Anusha, B. V. Basavaraj, S. Bharath, R. Deveswaran and V. Madhavan

In the present work, an attempt has been made to study the superdisintegrant property of isolated mucilage powder of Plantago ovata by formulating the dispersible tablets of ciprofloxacin and comparing its efficiency with other super disintegrants like microcrystalline cellulose, crosspovidone and sodium starch glycollate. Drug compatibility with the mucilage was checked by FTIR studies and found to be intact and stable. The values of pre-compression and post-compression parameters evaluated were within the prescribed limits and showed g ood flow property. In all the formulations, friability was less than 1%, indicating that tablets had a good mechanical resist ance. Drug content and weig ht variation for all the formulations were found to be within the acceptable limits. The formulations were also evaluated for wetting time, hardness, thickness, disintegration time, uniformity of dispersion, water absorption ratio and dissolution. The results of all the test s of the formulation prepared with Plantago ovata mucilage powder are similar to that of those formulations prepared using other superdisintegrants and the disintegration time was found to be 110 sec. The study also rev ealed that the isolated mucilage powder of Plantago ovata showed a better drug release of 99% over the other superdisintegrants, sufficin g its applications as a superdisintegrant of natural origin.

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