Formation of the Structure of Titanium Alloy during the Change of Stiffness of Deforming Tools

Author(s): S. A. Mashekov, A. T. Turdaliev, A. M. Alshynova, A. S. Mashekova and N. S. Sembayev

In this paper, the reasons of non-uniformity of deformation on precipitation of VT3-1 titanium alloy was investigated by the theoretical finite element method. The quantitative data is obtained by Standard software MSC. Super Forge; the basic patterns of distribution of the stress-strain state on precipitation in the flat dies was established. The influence of rigidity of flat pins on the force, structure and properties of billet upset was investigated by the experimental methods. It was proved that the use of an elastic pad allows to develop the intragranular and intergranular deformation on the cross section of the billet; thus evenly distributed deformation over the cross section of the billet and upsetting forging receive a fine-grained structure with high mechanical properties.

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