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Foaming and Stain Removing Laundry Liquid Detergents Based on Novel Polymer and Sorbitol

Author(s): A. G. Deshmukh and B. B. Gogte

Various liquid detergents were formulated using novel polymer of polyethylene glycol (400) and sorbitol. A combination of maleic, phthalic and citric acid have been used for esterification. Temperature, catalyst, time, ratio of ingredients require for synthesis have been standardized to get desired HLB ratio, viscosity, molecular weight. The liquid detergents were showing excellent results in terms of performance like reduction in surface tension of water, foam volume and % detergency. The results have been compared with standard market laundry detergents. These detergent formulations suggests about its efficiency and its capacity to replace the petroleum product to a considerable extent.

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