Flexible quantum dots sensitized solar cells

Author(s): Basma El Zein

 Solar energy is converted to electrical potential by a sequence of events: the absorption of light, generation of charges carriers (electrons and holes), the separation of the electrons from holes and their transport to electrodes. Great attention has been given to solar cells due to their promising in their electricity conversion efficiency, their simple device fabrication process and their low cost. Zero dimensional nanostructures have gained interest due to their unique properties especially tuning their band gap based on their size. Graphene has recently emerged as an alternative to ITO substrate as an electrode in solar

cells structure. With its remarkable electrical, physical and chemical properties, and high degree of flexibility and transparency; it is considered as an ideal candidate for flexible 3rd generation solar cells, the graphene solar cells an eco- green technology is getting to the same level of ITO based solar cells. This presentation is about presenting a flexible quantum dots sensitized solar with graphene electrode.

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