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Feasibility Study on Enhancing the Properties of Subgrade Material using Waste Glass

Author(s): Nirmala R and Shanmugapriya M

Generally, road pavement consists of various layers such as subgrade, sub-base, base and wearing course. These layers are prepared using the materials like aggregate, cement, soil and more. There are many modern methods used in stabilizing the weaker subgrade layer. The use of waste material is the most recommended method in the civil industry. Glass is one of the waste materials that can be used to enhance the soil subgrade properties. The glass powder is prepared by crushing the bottles. The various tests for soil are carried out in the laboratory to find out the properties of the field soil. From the test results, the optimum percentage of mix proportion of soil and glass is found out. It is inferred from the experimental study that replacing 40% of glass in the soil sample has high CBR value and also high shear strength compared to the field sample. Hence replacing 40% of glass in the soil gives a better quality of subgrade material, increases the subgrade stability and also it is an effective method of utilizing the waste glass.

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