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Feasibility of a matter/anti-matter propulsion system for generation of relativistic speeds in space

Author(s): Mark Pickrell

With the Compton Effect, photons, such as gamma rays, may exert a physical force on a material object. When an electron and a positron collide, they are annihilated, and they release two 511 keV gamma rays. In 2008-19, Chen and others have demonstrated that a petawatt laser, directed at a gold substrate, generates large quantities of paired electrons and positrons, which may be separated by magnetic fields. In 2015-19, E. Stenson and others have demonstrated that large quantities of electrons (and positrons) can be stored for a long duration in a stellarator. This article describes a feasible system, using a paired-particle generator, particle-storage system using twinned tokamaks, and interaction chamber, which can be used to generate and control Compton Effect thrust, in theory generating relativistic speeds

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