Fabrication of Selected Metal Powder Composite Electrode for Landfill Leachate Treatment using Electrochemical Method

Author(s): Majd Ahmed Jumaah, Mohamed Rozali Othman and Zuhailie Zakaria

Landfill leachate is a major source of pollution caused by the wastewater generated from solid waste buried underground. Electrochemical oxidation processes, is one of the environmental friendly technologies in landfill leachate treatment processes. In this research, several composite electrodes of metal powder (Fe, Pt, Ni, Co, Cu, Al, Ag) with PVC were used by mixing together a weighed portion of metal powder and PVC in THF as a solvent. The mixture were then swirled until the suspension was homogeneous and drying the suspension in an oven at 100oC for 3 hr. The dry sample was then placed in a 1 cm diameter stainless steel mould and pressed at 10 ton/cm2. The ready composite electrodes were then used as a working electrode to treat a leachate samples using electrolysis method with stainless steel as the counter electrode. The results showed a composition of Pt85-PVC15 was the best electrode, which gavethe removal percentage of color, COD and NH3-N are 99, 98 and 91%, respectively. The optimum operating conditions were sodium chloride concentration of 1.2% (w/v) as a supporting electrolyte, applied voltage of 10 V and operating time of 90 min.

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