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Fabrication and Testing of Aqua Silencer

Author(s): Akhil Chowdary Bellam, Meka Raghunadh, Akhil Chirra And S. Ravi Krishnamoorthy

To conserve the earth’s environment from degradation and also the public health from Air pollution it is very imperative than serious steps are to be taken for conserving them and Aqua silencer is an attempt to do so. Aqua silencer is mainly used for dealing with the emission and noise. An aqua silencer is generally attached to the exhaust of 2-strokeengine. In this Aqua silencer both the Lime water wash method and Absorption method are used. The gases like HC, CO from the engine exhaust are absorbed. The final emission is analyzed using an automobile gas analyzer and the reduction of gases HC, CO is measured.

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