Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Palladium Metal at Trace Level using (p-Methoxyphenyl) ethane-1, 2-dion-1-oxime as an Analytical Reagent

Author(s): Kunal K. Narhari, Swapnil G. Prabhulkar and R. M. Patil

A simple and selective method for spectrophotometric determination of palladium (II) has been developed using a new analytical reagent (p-methoxyphenyl)ethane-1, 2-dion-1-oxime (HMPEDO). The method is based on formation of yellow colored 1 : 2 complex of palladium (II) with HMPEDO extracted into chloroform in the pH range 1.1-3.2. The absorbances were measured at 420 nm as λmax. This method obeys Beer's law in the optimum concentration range 1-20 µgcm-3 and indicates an excellent linearity between the two variables with good molar absorptivity of 3.087 × 104 dm3mol-1cm-1 and Sandell's sensitivity of 3.45 × 10-3 µgcm-2. The instability constant of the complex calculated from mole ratio method is 2.68 × 10-4 and that of Asmus’ method is 2.76 × 10-4 at room temperture. The repetability of this method was checked by finding the relative standard deviation for n = 10, that was derived as 1.665%. The developed method was successfully applied for determination of palladium in synthetic mixtures and real samples.

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