Extraction of uranium from el-Sella mineralization south eastern desert, Egypt by tri-Octylamine

Author(s): A.M.Daher, M.M.Abu Ali, A.E.M Hussein, A.S El-Sheikh

A uranyl sulfate leach liquor obtained by uraniumleaching of El-Sella sample deposits ore was subjected to uranium extraction using the liquid–liquid technique. Uranium was effectively extracted from sulfate leach liquor by [(10 %) tri-n-octylamine (TOA)] dissolved in benzene as a diluent. The extraction efficiency wasmarkedly enhanced as the concentration of TOA increases from 1 to 10 %. The relevant factors controlling the extraction process of uranium using tri-n-octylamine were studied. These factors include the effect of TOA concentration, contact time, and phase ratio (O/A) v/v. The optimumextraction conditions were chosen.More than 98%of uraniumwas extracted by 10% TOA, at contact time 15 min, phase ratio (VO/VA) 1/1 and at roomtemperature. The feasibility of using the TOAfor preconcentration-separation of uranium was assessed by stripping studies. The loaded uranium onto TOA has been stripped by 100%when using 5%Na2CO3 as an efficient stripping agent at 15min contact time, and phase ratio (O/A) 1/2. Uraniumalso stripped using 15%(v/v) sulfuric acid, 15 min contact time and phase ratio (O/A) 2/1.

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