Extraction of uranium from carbonate leach liquor by using dynamic ion exchange technique

Author(s): M.G.Mahfouz, M.E.I.Sheta, M.M.Abdel Aal

In this study uranium extraction was carried out by agitation in a separate batch operation.After equilibrium, the solution and resinmixturewas filtered and the remaining uraniumwas analyzed in the solution.Acarbonate leach liquor with 300 ppmuraniumwas used againstAmberlite IRA402 (Cl-). The extraction efficiency reached to 90% in one stage (pH of the leach liquor equal 8, 20 min agitation time, resin to solution ratio is 1/20 at room temperature). Elution step was achieved by 1Msodiumchloride with resin to liquid ratio of 1/10 and 20min agitation time at roomtemperature. These conditions led to nearly complete elution of the adsorbed uranium on the used resin.

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