Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of V (V) Metal Ions using 5-Bromo Salicylidene-2-Aminothiophenol (BSATP) as an Analytical Reagent

Author(s): R. S. Lokhande, S. K. Patil, Santosh Kulkarni and S. P. Janwadkar

A spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of V (V) using 5-bromo salicylidene-2-aminothiophenol1-3 as an extractive reagent. The reagent forms a colored complex, which has been quantitatively extracted into chloroform at pH 4.8. The method obeys Beer’s law over a range of 1 to 10 ppm. The molar absorptivity is 6084.0 L mol-1 cm-1 and Sandell’s sensitivity is 0.0192 µg cm-2, respectively. The proposed method is very sensitive and selective. This method has been successfully applied to synthetic and commercial samples.

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