Extraction and Characterization of Algicidal Compounds from Algicidal Bacteria Loktanella Sp. Gb03 and its Activity Against Toxic Dinoflagellate Cooliamalayensis

Author(s): Anmar Hameed Bloh, Ali Abdsharad, Gires Usup and Asmat Ahmad

Harmful algal blooms have caused huge damage to the marine ecosystem and the coastal economy all over the world. To identify a capable bio-agent of controlling dinoflagellate blooms, a bacterial strain Gb03 was isolated, which showed strong algicidal activity against toxic dinoflagellate Cooliamalayensis. The aim of this study is to extract and identify the active compounds of algicidal bacteria. The algicidal bacterium, designated Loktanellasp. Gb03 (Gram-stainnegative, non-motile, non-spore-forming, short rod-shaped, aerobic bacterium, was isolated from dinoflagellate culture in laboratory), was assumed to produce secondary metabolites1. The results of this study also suggested the algicidal activity of strain Gb03 occurred by production of algicidal compounds as extracellular. Subsequently, the algicidal substances from strain Gb03 culture were isolated and purified by Column chromatography and thin layer chromatography. Investigation of the algicidal compounds revealed that there were more than onealgicidal compounds produced by strain Gb03. These results indicated that strain Gb03 has great potential for use in the control of outbreaks of toxic dinoflagellate.

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