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Experimental Investigation on Performance of Cashew Nut Shell Pyrolyzed Oil Blend with Bio Diesel and Diesel

Author(s): K. Venkatesan

The project work focus as on the Pyrolysis process of thermal degradation of carbonaceous materials extracting oil from solid waste biomass like Cashew nut shell in the absence of oxygen. In this process temperatures are fixed between 150oC and 650oC. The oil obtained from cashew nut shell biomass was then blended with Bio diesel (Jatropha) and Diesel in five different ratios. Bio oil blends CPO10 (10%CPO oil +10% Bio diesel+80% Diesel), CPO20 (20%CPO oil +10% Bio diesel+70% Diesel), CPO30 (30%CPO oil +10% Bio diesel+60% Diesel), CPO40 (40% CPO oil +10% Bio diesel+50% Diesel) and CPO50 (50%CPO oil +10% Bio diesel+40% Diesel) are prepared with the given volume. Blending of oil is mixing from mechanical stirrer at a speed of 800 rpm for 10 min. The properties of these blends were analyzed such as flash point, fire point, density, viscosity, calorific value and the FTIR analysis was done using all these blends. The performance and emission characteristics of the blends were analyzed by running in IC engine. Among the five samples, the best sample CSO10 was very close to the properties of diesel fuel. The performance shows, that brake thermal efficiency is slightly increased to CSO10 fuel and increased specific fuel consumption and lower exhaust gas temperature. Emissions show that considerable reductions for the smoke, and CO emissions, HC emissions and Nox are slightly increased when compared to diesel fuel. To overcome the usage of diesel fuel these CSO blends of pyro oil can be used without any modification in the diesel engine.

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