Experimental Investigation on Performance Characteristics of Four Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Using a Pre-Heating Set-Up and Fuel Blends

Author(s): Amballa Rakesh and Kambala Simhadri

The purpose of the project is to get the performance characteristics of a four stroke spark ignition engine when the inlet air is preheated. The set-up is prepared according to the requirements of the engine. The humidity in the atmospheric air affects the petrol vaporization in the carburetor. Therefore, by preheating the inlet to the carburetor, vaporization can be easy and in turn complete combustion can be achieved. Moreover, by reducing the water vapor to the engine, the steam formation in the engine will be reduced. This prevents the pitting of the engine, piston and exhaust pipe. Here engine operates with petrolmethanol blends of 4 different proportions and pure methanol (100%) as well petrol-ethanol blends of 4 different proportions and pure ethanol (100%) in the experiment without preheating & with preheating conditions. Thus the performance characteristics of the normal engine chosen is compared with that of the developed engine with a preheater setup. The results are thus tabulated and analyzed accordingly.

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