Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Behaviour of Tin Alloy Based Particulate Metal Matrix Composites

Author(s): D. Venkata Rao, M. V. S. Babu, K. Santa Rao and P. Govinda Rao

There is always a need for new engineering materials in the industry. Designers choose the materials based functional requirement and mechanical behaviour of the materials. In the present work, Tin alloy based particulate Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) with Ilmenite and SiC as reinforcements were fabricated. Stir casting was used for fabricating MMC. Then, its mechanical behaviour is investigated by conducting tensile test and hardness test. SEM images and microstructures were studied for understanding the behaviour. Two different Tin based MMC one with 1% SiC and another with 1% FeTiO3 as reinforcements. Specimens were prepared according to the ASTM standard and tested. Uniform distribution of particles was observed and enhancement in the Ultimate Tensile Strength of Tin alloy by SiC compared to FeTiO3.

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