Evaluations of the Rare Earth Metals in the Field of Katpar Area, Central Kazakhstan by Analyzing of Geological - Geophysical, Mineralogical and Thermal Geochemical Elements

Author(s): H. S. Ramadan and M. Sh. Omirserikov

Kazakhstan, the largest rare-metal province, in its lands are concentrated more than half of the world's tungsten. Reserves of molybdenum are the fourth largest in the world and the largest in Asia. In central Kazakhstan are the main rare metal deposits. Practical importances are skarn-greisens deposits katpar type, with complex molybdenum-tungsten ores and associated bismuth copper, lead and zinc.

In katpar area the stage of development of raw material framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan have practical value, deposit katpar prepared for mining open way (quarry) to a depth of 400 m within the designed quarry ore reserves and metal are calculated as the main (tungsten, molybdenum, bismuth, copper) and passing (silver, selenium, tellurium, rhenium, indium) components. In Katpar area explored deposit established large reserves of ore with an average content of molybdenum 0.071%, tungsten 0.057%, bismuth 0.005%, copper 0.042%, silver 0.71%, rhenium 0.158 g/tone.

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