Evaluation of Trace Metal in M. Spicata for its Therapeutic Value

Author(s): Jaya Jain

The plant selected in present study has great therapeutic value specified in Indian Ayurvedic Medicinal system. M. spicata exhibits digestive effect caused by biologically active compound, e.g. menthol and herbal extract obtained from mint, which gives cool feeling to skin after use. It is soothing, antiseptic, a blood circulation stimulant and mild local anesthetic. Much work has been done on organic constituents of the M. spicata; however, little attention has been paid towards their trace metal contents. Thus, plant extract of M.spicata was analyzed for certain trace metals viz. copper, zinc, manganese and iron. Concentrations of these metals in plant extract were found to be zinc (122 μg/g), iron (92 μg/g), copper (125 μg/g) and manganese (31 μg/g). These trace metals impart therapeutic values to this herb as specified in Indian Ayurvedic Medicinal System.

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