Evaluation of Shredder Banknotes as Feedstock in the Production of Adsorbent Material applied in Wastewaters Treatment of Paper Money Printing Process

Author(s): María Paula Franco and Hugo Zea

The preparation of adsorbent material from the residue of deteriorated banknotes by thermal activation was studied, as well as its application in th e treatment of effluents originated in the process of paper money printing. Based on the result obtained in thermogravimetric analysis and literature review, oxidative atmosphere, temperatures of 700 and 800 o C and pyrolysis times and 1 and 1.5 hrs were selected. Specific surface area was characterized , by means of nitrogen gas adsorption; the ability to remove organic matter was evaluated, in terms of the change in the chemical oxygen demand of an industrial effluent from the banknote printing proce ss. The highest surface area obtained was 31.4 m 2 /g under pyrolysis conditions of 700 o C and 1.5 hr. A 33.3% reduction in the chemical oxygen demand of an industrial effluent from the banknotes printing process using samples of adsorbent material synthesized from shredder banknotes, suggesting that banknotes residue can be reused within the same industrial process that produces it.

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