Evaluation of Scale Inhibitors Performance Under Simulated Flowing Field Conditions using Dynamic Tube Blocking Test

Author(s): M. Ramzi, R. Hosny, M. El-Sayed, M. Fathy and Th. Abdel Moghny

Formation scales considered harmful and expensive problem in the the oil and gas industry. The most common solutions to reduce and preventing scales deposition is the use of scale inhibitors. In this work, water sample was delivered from Egyptian oil field and adjusted at pH 6 to simulate scale formation then two commercial scale inhibitors (ESI1 and ESI2) were evaluated via compatibility test and dynamic scale loop. The two scale inhibitors ESI1 and ESI2 achieve a good results toward compatibility test at both 25oC and 90oC temperature. Accordingly, the evaluation criteria were carried out using dynamic scale loop (the tube blocking test). It is found that the minimum inhibitor concentration (MIC) of scale inhibitor ESI1 was successfully verify at 150 ppm with a fail concentrations at 125 ppm according to evaluation criteria. While, the minimum inhibitor concentrations (MIC) of scale inhibitor ESI2 was between 2% and 3% that considered too high for application of this product in the field for given conditions. Finally, only inhibitor ESI1 was passed all evaluation criteria with 150 ppm MIC.

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