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Evaluation of Mosquito Larvicidal activity of Bioactive Saponin isolated from Tridex Procumbens Linn. (Family : Asteraceae) Against Aedes Aegypti

Author(s): Vinod Krishan, Jyoti Uikey and R. C. Saxena

Many plant based products are widely used for their insecticidal and repellent properties for the control of mosquitoes. The present paper reports an isolation of mosquito larvicidal bioactive saponin from an indigenous plant found in Indian sub continent as a common weed tridex procumbens of Family -Asteraceae. The mosquito larvicidal activity of bioactive saponin isolated from tridex procumbens have been tested against Aedes aegypti Linn. by exposing second and fouth instar larvae to four different concentrations of the compound. Three trials were performed for each concentration along with control and untreated. 24 hours LCso and LCw values were determined using probit analysis method. The compound gave LC50 value to be 150.79 ppm for fourth instar larvae and 240.10 ppm. for second instar larvae. It was noticed that fourth instar larvae are more susceptible than second instar larvae. The results obtained suggest that the bioactive compound of tridex procumbens could be useful in the search for new larvicidal compound of plant origin.

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