Evaluation of Anticancer Potential of Plant : Adiantum Venustum Don

Author(s): V. P. Devmrari, S. Pandey, M. B. Goyani and N. P. Jivaniz

Cancer is a malignant disease that is characterized by rapid and uncontrolled formation of abnormal cells, which may mass together to form a growth or tumour, or proliferate throughout the body. Next to heart disease, cancer is a major killer of mankind. Present study aims at a preliminary phytochemical screening and anticancer evaluation of Adiantum venustum Don against Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma in animal model. Results indicate that ethanolic extract of Adiantum venustum Don possess significant anticancer activity and also reduce elevated level of lipid peroxidation due to higher contents of terpenoids and flavonoids. Thus,

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