Evaluation of Activation Energy from Temperature Dependent ESR Spectra of Irradiated Aaamps Copolymer

Author(s): E. Venkateshwar Rao, B. Sanjeeva Rao and K. Rajendra Prasad

Temperature dependent radical decay in gamma irradiated Acrylamide (AA) 2 acrylamid 2- methyl propone salfonic acid. (AAAMPS) copolymer has been investigated by electron spin resonance (ESR) technique.The ESR multiplet spectrum observed at room temperature (RT) is assigned to macro radicals of the type ~ CH2-CH-CH2 ~ formed on AMPS part of the copolymer on irradiation. The ESR hyperfine (hf) pattern observed at room temperature gradually reduced on heating and finally the spectrum completely disappeared around 410 K. Bloch analysis is used to evaluate activation energy associated with free radical decay.

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