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Evaluation and Optimization of Water Quality Index for Ground Water Source of North West Jaipur and Agglomerates

Author(s): Sonika Sharma And R. C. Chhipa

Water quality tool has been optimized by application of Water Quality Index (WQI) method. WQI measures the quality of underground water in North West Jaipur city and agglomerates during April to May 2010. Ground water collected from pointed places as Bore well and Tube well sources. Various parameters are used to calculate WQI including pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity, Total Hardness, Chloride, Nitrate, Electrical Conductance, Sodium and Potassium .Ground water quality of North West Jaipur as WQI confines WQI index of 103.98 exhibits “Poor Water Quality” observed and developed in pointed areas obtained as quality modals in which three defined aspects (1) Arithmetic mean, (2) Standard Deviation, (3) Coefficient variation, are included and optimized. WQI provides comprehensive information for water quality assessment of Jaipur. Water quality in North West region of Jaipur specially of Brahmpuri, Jhotwara, Bindiaka and Railway station pointed areas were found poor quality of underground water. It has been concluded and optimized that high value of Total Hardness, TDS, Nitrate and Electrical Conductance defines the poor quality of water lead to higher side of WQI.Results shows Jhotwara and Railway Station area have very high value of hardness (upto 631 mg/L) as compared with mean value of hardness in North-West. Accordingly, hard water is not suitable because of the precipitating materials as scale and sludges have adverse effects on human being.

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