Evaluating Integrated Intensities of FTIR Absorption Bands (II) Propylene-Ethylene Copolymer

Author(s): B. Sanjeeva Rao, J. Saptagiri Prasad, N. Somi Reddy, T. V. Appa Rao, S. Kalahasti and A. Raju

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy is applied to investigate radiation induced changes in propylene-ethylene copolymer. Variation in intensities of FTIR absorption variation in intensities of FTIR absorption bands is taken as an evidence for chemical changes induced by irradiation of copolymer. Among the various FTIR bands observed for irradiated PE copolymer, the 3100 cm-1, 1720 cm-1, 2950 cm- 1, 1150 cm-1 and 997 cm-1 absorption bands have shown a remarkable change in intensity. Absorption of these bands is measured by theoretical methods. Based on these values, radiation induced changes in PE copolymer is explained.

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