Estimation of Standard Gibb’s Free Energy Formation of Alkanes in Gaseous State by Electronic, Size and Structural Parameters

Author(s): P. S. Verma, B. L. Gorsi, G. S. Kalwania and Lovel P. Singh

StandardGibb’sfreeenergyformation(∆G f 0 )ofalkanesingaseousstateat298.15  Kisestimated byaquantitativecorrelationshipswithKier’smole cularconnectivityindex( 1 X v ),Vanderwaal’svolume (Vw),electrotopologicalstateindex(E)andrefrac totopologicalstateindex(R).Theregressionanaly sis reveals a significant linear correlationships of st andard free energy of formation (∆G f  0 ) with these parameters.

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