Essential oil composition and antibacterial activity of two Ageratina species collected in Mérida-Venezuela.

Author(s): Rojas-Vera Janne

Essential oil from leaves of Ageratina jahnii (B.L.Rob.) R. M. King & H. Rob. and Ageratina pichinchensis (Kunth) R. M. King & H. Rob (Asteraceae) collected in Jan 2010 were analyzed by GC/MS. Oils extracted by hydrodistillation yielded 0.50% and 0.43% w/v, respectively. Fifteen and twenty five components were identified by comparison of their mass spectra with the Wiley GC-MS Library data and by their retention indices (RI). The major components identified in A. jahnii were β-myrcene (31.6%), α-pinene (23.1%), limonene (7.8%) and pentacosane (10.2%) while for A. pichinchensis 8,9-epoxythymyl isobutyrate (21.2%), germacrene-D (20.8%), thymyl isobutyrate (15.8%), eupatoriochromene (5.5%) and encecalol (4.9%) were observed as main compounds. This is the first report regarding the essential oil composition and antibacterial activity of the essential oil of A. jahnii.

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