Author(s): Eline Bassey Dimithe Bang

 Considering the global goals of the millennium; Considering the urgency of dealing with global warming and climate change; considering the issue of pollution as a crucial issue; the GREEN LADIES Organization has set itself the mission of working effectively for the protection of nature and the preservation of the invaluable heritage of the planet through the constant commitment of women to environmental issues, as well as advocate for the promotion of the vulgarization of green chemistry through the use of vegetable fertilizer. Considering the importance of acting for the improvement of the ecological conditions in the world, the International Organization GREEN LADIES intends to be the reference in terms of Organization activist for the protection of the Environment in ten years. Likewise, through its representation in various countries, Green Ladies is projecting itself as the Association which will participate in the popularization of ecological habits at the local and international level through the `multiple sensitization campaigns it intends to offer and also through the participation in some capacity building.

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