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Environmental Concerns Associated with Coal Mining Activity - A Case Study

Author(s): G. Kumar, P. K. Singh and Deepak Kumar

The Chasnalla block within the Jharia Basin is specially important for the coal mining activities. Consequence of mining activities involving drilling, blasting, crushing, transportation of coal etc. are the major concern for environmental pollution in the area. Mining and associated activities affect air, noise and water environment and degrades land and drainage system of the area. The extent of land degradation varies and is influenced by the topography of the area, geology, soil texture and method of mining. Damaged land adversely affects watershed and its drainage pattern, vegetation and biomass. To assess the impact of mining operation on different components of environment, monitoring of air, water, noise and soil environment as per TOR has been carried out at different pre-selected sites. Meteorological parameters are also regularly monitored at the selected site. Overall evaluation damage due to mining activity presents the qualitative result of the existing condition with and without EMP. The net environmental changes arising out of proposed mining is beneficial with the guidelines of EMP. To mitigate the adverse impacts caused due to coal mining operation at Chasnalla OCP and for overall scientific development of local habitat, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been formulated. The EMP is based on the base line environmental status, mining methodology and environmental impact assessment. The EMP has prescribed environmental monitoring and implementation of environmental protection measures during and after mining operations. In this paper, all technical, biological and socio-economic aspects are discussed and likely control measures are suggested in connection with air, water, noise and land and biological environment, socio-economic measures, EMP implementation and monitoring.

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