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Enhancing Gas Sensing Efficiency of Isopropanol with Spin Coated WO3 Thin Films

Author(s): Shanmukhi Jyothi D, Madhukar P, Ramana Reddy MV

Utilizing Tungsten hexachloride(WCl6) as a solute and water as a solvent, pure and Agusing the spin-coating process. GIXRD, SEM, EDX, and UV-Vis Spectroscopy were used to conduct structural, morphological, and optical analyses. The XRD pattern supports the formation of completely crystalline thin films. The formation of very uniform thin films can be validated using SEM micrographs. The band gap and thickness of the film were calculated using optical studies. Different Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) were used to investigate the gas sensing characteristics of thin films at various temperatures. At 120oC, an Ag-doped WO3 thin film performs exceptionally well against Isopropanol gas.

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